About Our Fleet:

The Lake Michigan Fleet has 24 active boats at the start of the 2011 racing season.  If past years are any indication, the parity and the competitiveness of the 36.7 fleet will provide for racing that will thrill sailors and spectators alike. On any given day, there is the opportunity for any boat to be in the top spot.  

2004 was the first season that the Lake Michigan Fleet competed in one-design racing, and the fleet has been going strong since. The fleet has had one-design starts in the Colors Regatta, Chicago NOOD Regatta, Chicago to Mackinac Race, Verve Cup Regatta and Area 3 events every year with double-digit participation in each.

Not only does the Lake Michigan 36.7 Fleet see competitive racing on the course, but there is a great level of camaraderie between the owners and crews. This makes for great conversation and lots of laughs after a spirited day of racing. Whether it be along the docks, under the regatta tent, or on any given night when Mark Norris and Bob Foley can be found holding court at the CYC's Mac Bar, the Lake Michigan 36.7 Fleet represents the best of what one-design racing has to offer.


Fleet Roster:

51787 Raptor 8 James Anderson DuSable
51787 Raptor 8 Michael Anderson DuSable
121 Findar 38 Joe Darby Burnham
52293 Sorcerer 75 Don Ray Draper DuSable
52500 Tried&True 89 Robert K. Foley Monroe
45367 Gaucho 93 Mark Bouckaert Burnham
45367 Gaucho 93 Diane Bouckaert Burnham
101 Erizo de Mar 101 Antoni Czupryna Monroe
52051 Free Radical 117 Robert Nelson Dusable 
119 Joie de Vie 119 Donna Hastings Burnham
258 Tango 258 Chuck Norris Montrose
1313 Program 177 Earle Atwater Belmont
209 Agitator 209 Manuel Cordero Burnham
52249 Sail Monkey 214 William McGuinn Monroe
235 Tequila Mockingbird 235 Chris Duhon DuSable
55367 Karma 236 Jack Buoscio DuSable
55367 Karma 236 Lou Sandoval DuSable
55367 Karma 236 Martin Sandoval DuSable
82 Split Decision 237 Mark D. Norris Belmont
26219 FOG 241 Greg Rasmussen DuSable
26219 FOG 241

  IMP   Blair Jones Belmont
262 Maggie Mae 262 Peter Wright Burnham
262 Maggie Mae 262
60310 Soulshine 264 Jarrett Altmin Burnham
60310 Soulshine 264 Connie Barkley Burnham
60500 Veni Vidi Veatchi 274 Jason Veatch Burnham
60500 Veni Vidi Veatchi 274 Les Veatch


Fleet Officers:

Fleet Captain - Jarrett Altmin

Fleet Secretary - Lori Henderson

Fleet Treasurer - Donna Hastings