Lake Michigan Local Fleet Owner/Driver Rule

The Owner/Driver Rule is relaxed for the "Season Championship" one design events to encourage Crew participation and promote Fleet development.

 For these designated races, a long-time crew member may act as the Driver/helmsperson of the boat that they regularly crew on. The definition of long-time crew is: ‘an Associate Crew Member who has raced at least 60% of the First 36.7 Class one design racing that boat has participated in during the previous 24 months’. Proof shall be provided in the form of previous Appendix A submissions from the specific boat. It is recommended that the Owner be on board whenever a long-time crew member is driving. The boat is not entitled to the Owner-Driver ½ weight credit if the Owner is not the Driver. The local fleet will determine which events this rule will apply to, and must designate them as ‘non-Owner-Driver races’ and will inform all competitors at least 72 hours in advance of the first race of that regatta. The long-time crew member acting as Driver must be a First 36.7 Associate Class Member in good standing.